Indulge your feet wherever you go.

Your feet carry you through life. Reward them with shoes that truly fit, re­specting and in­dulging their ana­tomical shape. Uniquely soft and flexible vitaform shoes allow your feet to move com­fortably. They don’t inter­fere with but rather support the
natural functioning of your foot. This feels great and looks even better, as we combine an optimal fit, high-quality material and the finest crafts­manship with the joy of beatuy and fun with fashion.


Wonderfully soft elastic materials such as the finest buck­skin and elk leathers, goat­skin velour, and vitaform Stretch nestle against your foot with­out con­straining it. The majority of our vitaform shoes are made of buck­skin, as this premium natural product is the softest leather in the world.


Whatever road you take, every step will feel lighter with vitaform. We avoid ex­cess weight through­out the shoe by our choice of materials, exact method and the per­fect finish. The re­sult is a holistic shoe that com­bines an easy-going light­ness with high quality and a long life­span.


The extremely light and flexible sole ensures free­dom of movement and sup­ports the natural ana­tomical rolling motion of the foot. Your vitaform shoe pro­vides the exact space your foot needs while en­suring a safe and com­fortable fit.


The shock absorber in the heel area guarantees you a pleasant wear and a maximum of com­fort when in motion. It ef­fecti­vely cushions every step you take and you will un­doubtedly notice the re­lief to your joints all the way up to your spine.


We work with lasts in four dif­ferent widths to en­sure the per­fect fit: G (slim/normal), H (normal/large), K (large) and M (very large) This means we always have the shoe that looks and feels just right for you. Elastic bands that ad­just to every move­ment of your foot pro­vide further comfort.

Replaceable insoles

The insoles with leather cover can easily be re­moved and re­placed with your own ortho­pedic in­soles. vitaform offers a range of the latter, such as gel, sheep­skin or re­flex zone in­soles.

Air cushion insoles

The breathable and air cushioning insoles have a natural form that sup­ports the arches of the foot. It ab­sorbs the shock that comes with every step and there­by re­duces strain to your knee and hip joints.


Our finest Italian buckskin is uniquely soft, light, smooth and breath­able. The ma­terial is a real treat for your feet and ideal­ly suited to wearing shoes with­out socks. It has a unique natural sur­face texture and is ex­clusive­ly crafted by vitaform with fashion­able em­bossing and prints, in a range of colours and even with a varnish or metallic look.
Steffen Schmutz „Slip them on, take a few steps and feel great – vitaform will delight your feet.” Steffen Schmutz, Managing Director


Our aspiration to offer you the most com­fortable shoes possible has led to us be­coming the European market leader in buck­skin shoes. It is the soft­est leather in the world, and parti­cu­larly breath­able and light. Buck­skin nestles softly against the skin and can be worn with­out socks. Its special sur­face texture al­ready makes it an eye-catcher; on top of this vitaform has added stylish high­lights such as Snake, Ostrich or Crocodile em­bossing and Flower, Leo or Zebra prints. You also can choose from a wide range of colours – from under­stated to bold multi­colour, from varnish to metallic look.

Elk leather

It is among the very finest leathers in the world and here we ge­nuinely seek out only the best. Our sup­pliers are a small, ex­clusive tannery in Scandi­navia. Natural­ly soft and flex­ible, just like buck­skin it adapts per­fectly to the indi­vidual shape of every foot. Elk leather has a coarser sur­face texture, giving it a parti­cular­ly high-quality look.

vitaform Stretch

The wiser shoe gives in – we’ve de­veloped the vitaform Stretch es­pecial­ly for sen­si­tive feet. The unique com­bi­nation of high-quality materials has a light­ness and flexi­bi­lity that adapts to every foot and offers it the room that it needs. At the same time the vitaform Stretch pro­vides gentle and secure sup­port. These shoes are parti­cular­ly easy to care for and you can choose among a wide variety of gor­geous colours.

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