We craft fashionable shoes which your feet will love.

You can’t beat that feeling of a com­fortably fit­ting shoe that also fits well with con­tem­porary trends. That was the aspi­ration which drove Ewald and Ruth Schmutz to found the vitaform shoe factory over 35 years ago. Our family busi­ness based on the Swabian Alb, Germany, is today one of the most suc­cess­ful in Europe for stylish
com­fort foot­wear and is the market leader in buck­skin shoes. With the family tra­dition now in its fourth ge­ne­ration, Stef­fen Schmutz is at the helm of a creative and de­di­cated team that is con­stantly seeking out new directions.
Steffen Schmutz „Our brand lives through the passion, crea­tivity and com­pe­tence brought to it by our staff, coupled with the en­thusiasm of our cus­tomers in taking the in­itia­tive to of­fer us new sug­gestions. “ Steffen Schmutz, Managing Director

Steffen Schmutz,
Managing Director

A passion for shoe­making has been a part of me since earliest child­hood as my great-grand­father was a Master of shoe­making here in Feld­stetten. My heart­felt desire was to take this long­standing family tra­dition and con­tinue alongthe pio­neering path my parents had begun by founding vitaform.
Fashion that is also pleasur­able to the feet is a chal­lenge my team and I con­tinual­ly find at­trac­tive, ex­clusive and com­fortable answers to. Vitaform has long been much more than just shoe but is rather a life­style en­compas­sing com­fort, quali­ty, beauty and joie de vivre. For me it is a com­bi­nation of passion and vocation.

Over 35 years of craftsmanship
Creativity and an abiding love of detail.

Ten years prior to es­tablishing vitaform, Ewald Schmutz was partner in a German shoe factory. His de­cision to set up his own busi­ness was at the same time a return to the roots of his family’s shoe­making tra­dition. Ewald and Ruth Schmutz pro­duced the first vitaform shoes in their cellar and garage;
this intense hand crafting sought to take inno­vative ideas and couple them with the finest materials and pro­duction tech­niques. Even in our modern factory these core values remain un­changed. Every vitaform shoe is the col­la­bora­tive re­sult of many creative minds and even more ex­pert hands.


It’s important to us to be in touch with the zeit­geist when creating our shoes. We visit inter­national trade fairs in order to get a feel for the newest fashion in­no­vations, which we then trans­form into vitaform com­fort. This means our door is always open for sug­gestions and re­quests from our cus­tomers. The re­sult is a creative use of colours and cuts with in­tricate de­tails, which in turn set their own trends.

Hand sewn

The soles of our vitaform shoes are sewn to the shaft by care­ful hands with needle and thread. The ef­fort this de­mands is more than worth it, as this tra­di­tional sewing ap­proach en­sures the best con­ditions for a light, durable and flex­ible shoe, with the ad­ded bonus of looking like the true product of a master hand.


The lasts are the soul of the shoe as they deter­mine its ulti­mate fit. The de­velo­pment of vitaform lasts is the com­bination of the ex­perience of four gener­ations of shoe­makers with the latest know­ledge about ana­tomy and bio­mechanics. We work with lasts in four dif­ferent widths to en­sure the per­fect fit: G, H, K and M – from slim to very large feet.


There are roughly 100 steps taken from the initial high-quality materials to the finished shoe. These are largely made up of ela­bo­rate hand­craft which requires in­stinc­tive touch and care. For ex­ample, the se­lected outer material is punched out, glued to­gether, sewed and de­li­cately drawn over the last – all per­formed by hand. At the final stage, each shoe re­ceives an­other pre-coating for extra pro­tection and then passes through our quality con­trol to en­sure that it will fit you in every sense.

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